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4th International Flann O’Brien Conference: Three Short Irish Plays

Murder! Madness!! Guinness!!! The Liverpool-Irish Literary Theatre performs "The Glittering Gate", "The Dead Spit of Kelly" and "Thirst". Tickets: € 10,-

Gastveranstaltung The International Flann O'Brien Society

„The Glittering Gate“, „The Dead Spit of Kelly“ and „Thirst“: Three classic Irish short plays performed by The International Flann O'Brien Society in the 4th International Flann O’Brien Conference – this year as guest at ARGEkultur Salzburg.

„The Dead Spit of Kelly“ by Flann O'Brien

This tale exists as a short story entitled „Two in One“ and as an unproduced teleplay. The Irish Film and Television Network reports that producer Michael Garland is apparently developing a film version. The quintessentially „Flannish“ scenario encompasses issues of identity and over-reaching, while its „doubled“ protagonist harks back to Dostoyevsky, and reverberates throughout Modernist literature and art.

  • Murphy/Kelly Gerry Smyth
  • Directors David Llewellyn and Jade Thomson

„The Glittering Gate“ by Lord Dunsany

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, was one of the most prolific, original and influential Irish writers of the twentieth century. Friend and confidante of W.B. Yeats, soldier, international chess master, and inventor of the modern fantasy genre – odd to think, then, that he has consigned to the margins of literary history. Amongst his many accomplishments, Dunsany was an extremely successful dramatist. The Glittering Gate was first performed in Dublin’s Abbey Theatre in 1909. The delineation of characters haunted by a malignant universe anticipates similar scenarios by half a century.

  • Jim Tom Galashan
  • Bill Isaac Nixon

„Thirst“ by Flann O’Brien

Thirst was originally commissioned by Hilton Edwards for a Gate performance at Christmas 1942. This is the shorter of the two extant versions. Featuring one of Flann’s favourite police characters, the action focuses on after-hours drinking in a Dublin pub by people who should know better.

  • Mr Coulahan Tom Galashan
  • The Sergeant David Llewellyn
  • Julia Jade Thomson
  • Peter Isaac Nixon
  • Director Andrew Sherlock